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Corn Cockle WPF Blush

Corn Cockle WPF Blush
Agrostemma githago

I came across a patch of blush hued corn cockle in my seed field back in 2023 and was absolutely ecstatic! This rare find opens a soft pink and fades to blush as it ages. These seeds were harvested from our farm and while I don’t have a huge supply yet, I wanted to share these with as many growers as I could this year!

Please note that this variety is not yet 100% stable  (you may get a few white or even purple blooms from this) We will continue growing this variety and further rouge off-types but wanted to make this available to my fellow growers for the 2025 season before it was “perfect”

Plant Details

Height: 30-36"
Pinching: no
Days to Maturity: 90-100 days
Plant Spacing: 9″
Plant Type: Annual
Location: Full Sun
Package Contains: approx 50 seeds

How to Grow

Start seed indoors in trays 4-6 weeks before last frost; transplant out after all danger of frost has passed. Can also be direct seeded

Please note that due to strict export restrictions, we are unable to ship seed outside of Canada


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